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I am Mohammed Nayaz father of Mohammed Araham, Currently my Son studying in 2nd standard in Mountcrest Academy Bangalore.
I would like to express my review about Mountcrest Academy. While selecting school for my child, our main Objective was to have decent School where my child can pursue Islamic Education and regular studies. After scouting many schools we selected Mountcrest Academy for my child's education and we admitted him for LKG. 
Mountcrest Academy is charging nominal school fees with all provided facilities.
Currently my Son studying in 2nd standard. Alhamdullilah my Son enjoying school's atmosphere and enjoying his days here. 
Management is paying attention towards each students Islamic education, Hence they appointed 4 Hafiz's in their staff and Islamic teachers paying utmost attention to each student to gain their knowledge 
        * Arabic Speaking
        * Deeniyat
        * RegularSalah's
        * Sunnah Tarbiyat
        * Hifz Course

My Son has been able to pursue a well rounded education . It has pushed my child academically with teachers that care each and every movement. The Teachers who are dedicated to their students and commit for excellence in education.
I have noticed that my child is excited to share his new leanings and and his confidence level has increased in conversation with elders, friends and relatives & will be active on a variety of interesting topics.
Mountcrest Academy is also paying attention towards sports activities and appointed dedicated Karate and Skating Teacher and my child utilising this opportunity and he is learning Karate and Skating within school premises.
Apart from all these posstive notes currently Mountcrest Academy is having negative note about school campus. Currently Mountcrest Academy is operating from Vasanth Nagar Campus and this place is becoming small for students. However Mountcrest Academy has identified spacious campus which comprises of all facilities like any other International schools has. Keeping our fingers crossed & awaiting for new campus for my child.
Thank you Team Mountcrest for your endeavour support in my child's education and growth.

Mohammed Nayaz 

Parent of Mohammed Araham studying in Grade 2

​​Aswk .
We the parents of Iqrabanu would like to congratulate Mr. Atheeq and the entire team of mount crest academy for successful completion of 4 years.
Our daughter Iqrabanu is doing well in the school. The school is trying their best every year to improve in all the aspects. The management and the teachers are putting all their heartful efforts in making each and every child the best by giving them the equal opportunity to participate in all the activities and motivate them to become confident without any partiality. This is best of the school to make a child grow up by themselves.
Soitisourresponsiblity toco- operate and give full support to the administration whenever required to up bring our children.
Thank u for the entire team of mount crust academy for their hard work and effort.
We wish good luck in all the future and hope to see the same energy and enthusiasm year after year.
Let ALLAH SUBHAN WA TALHA shower his blessings upon us forever.

Mohammed Asif 

Parent of Iqra Banu
studying in Grade 3

 I like Mountcrest Academy School because. . .
 The thing I love the most about MCA Mohammed Rafan & Mohammed Razan are my sons has learned at an early age a love for learning. He looks forward to going to school each day. Finally being a Mohammed Rafan & Mohammed Razan, they have able to mentor the younger children which makes him feel very good about himself.
….My children are excited to go to school every day. MCA provided them with an opportunity to complete the Montessori cycle of “learn-do-teach.” The year increased them self-esteem and confidence. My children were given the opportunity to excel. He was given feedback on they work. was proud of the work they did and the work of they peers.
They very much enjoy their time in school and learning new things each and every day. They participate in a variety of activities and events and enjoy both their teachers and classmates company. They are having a great time and lots of fun too!”

Tabrez Chowdary

Parent of Mohammed Rafan 
studying in Grade 3 & Mohammed Razan studying in Grade 1

​​As a parent I am happy to tell my son studying in Mountcrest. Thank you all teacher and all responsible person who start this amazing school that you Allah bless all of them we wish to see Mountcrest will reach number 1 top of the school all the best.
Masha Allah we are very happy to see all butterflys in mountcrest and we all enjoyed all of them did super performance.

Ayesha Kareem

Parent of Syed Nouman

Gulnar Begum

Parent of Safa Maryam 
studying in Grade 6 

"MCA is a good platform for the growth of the child. gaining of knowledge and the ability of a child to be accessed is done well without asking child to memories..rather they teach child to understand and present what they have learnt in their own. I feel this is is wonderful concept"

Parent of Arbiya Hani
Studying in Grade 4

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